April 1, 2012

Grupo Cleofas Update – April 1, 2012

Following our expedition in November (13-19) 2010 I, Greg Alker, was diagnosed with a very serious staph infection that attacked tissues and bone in both my lower back and shoulder. The infection was life threatening and required major surgery on January 7, 2011. The surgery was successful and I was released from the hospital on January 17, 2011 at which time I began 3 months of intervenous antibiotics which I finished in April. I then began physical therapy to rehabilitate my spine and shoulder and as of this writing I am nearly back to 100% and will resume my efforts to find the funding and the permitting necessary to film the documentary.

During the last year of rehabilitation and physical restoration I have had plenty of time to consider additional themes and ideas for the film. One of the concepts I would like to incorporate into the film would be the exploration of the motives that drive conservationists and environmental activists. I thought it important to include interviews with people who are either working directly as conservationists or individuals promoting sustainable products or business models. These “environmental heroes” are examples that future generations need to understand from both execution and motivational standpoints.

Therefore, I have decided to expand the focus of the film to include a few examples of conservation minded businesses as well as GECI, however GECI will be the nucleus of the documentary. I must apologize for the long interlude and delay in the project, however it was due to circumstances beyond my control. Ironically, I am quite sure that the staph infection was contracted on the November 2010 expedition while we were filming for the trailer! The delay however has given me time to slightly re-direct the film which will now be titled “Restoration Legacy.”

Presently, I am having the Cleofas Project Summary translated into Spanish as per the request of the Mexican officials who will resume the permitting process of the Royal Pelagic as our logistical support vessel. With summer and hurricane season approaching we will be targeting an October launch of the project.

I thank all of you for your continued generous support and patience!


Greg Alker
Director, Grupo Cleofas

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